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The mountainous area of Gangwon-do Province has the perfect climate and environment for naturally drying pollock due to its wide daily temperature range and brisk ocean winds.  Pollocks, caught freshly in the sea of Russia, are 100% naturally air-dried in Gangwon Province for the best tasting, high-quality dried pollock. 

Ingredients: Dried whole pollock


      Roasted Seasoned Dried Pollock Recipe

      • Soak the dried pollock in water for a few minutes and squeeze the water out.
      • Cut into bite-sized pieces.
      • Mix seasoning sauce with red pepper paste, starch syrup, onion, garlic, green onion and perilla oil.  
      • Heat frying pan, add dried pollock, and spread sauce evenly. 
      • Cook and enjoy!   

      Hot Pot Dried Pollock Recipe

      • Wash dried pollock and add broth. 
      • Season with salt and pepper
      • Add tofu, radish, mushroom, onion, and other optional ingredients. 
      • Cook and enjoy!
      • You can add your own favorite seasonings and ingredients to your liking. 

      Steamed Pollock Recipe 

      • Wash the pollock clean and season it with red pepper paste, sugar, and other ingredients.
      • When steaming you can add vegetables such as bean sprouts and radish first for flavor and then add green onions. 
      • Cook and enjoy!

      Gangwondo Dried Whole Pollock (3 Fish)
      $18.92 $23.65