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$29.99 $37.50

Healthy and delicious, the Hadong Pear, Ginger, Bellflower Root Juice is 100% made from natural ingredients. Sourced from Korean Bellflower (also known as Balloon flower), pear, and ginger grown in the clean climate and rich soil in Hadong, Gyeongnam. This extracted juice is not mixed with water, meaning no nutrients are lost and it captures the true, natural taste of the native Korean ingredients. Experience the nutrition and bright, natural flavors of pear, bellflower, and ginger all in one package! 

This amazing juice is full of essential nutrients squeezed from the pears, ginger, and bellflowers. Completely free from any artificial sweeteners, spices, coloring, synthetic preservatives, or synthetic additives. Produced in safe, world-class HACCP-certified sanitary facilities. 

Hadong Pear, Ginger, Bellflower Root Juice 100ml (30 Packs per Box)
$29.99 $37.50