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HealingNFarm's Youngji Mushroom Tea, also known as, Reishi Mushroom or Lingzhi mushroom, is a polypore fungus belonging to the genus Ganoderma. Best known in Eastern medicine for its variety of potential health benefits, including boosting the immune system and fighting cancer.  Made with 100% Korea-grown youngji mushroom with NO additives, preservatives, or coloring in a HACCP-certified facility.  


  • No Additives / No Preservatives / No Food Coloring
  • Made in a HACCP-certified facility
  • All-natural biodegradable tea bags are made with 100% sugar cane

Ingredients: 100% youngji mushroom 

How to: 

  • Place a tea bag in a tea cup.
  • Pour boiling water over your tea bag.
  • Steep for about 2~3 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bag and enjoy!
  • Try adding honey, sugar, or milk. 
HealingNFarm Premium Youngji Mushroom Tea (1g x 12 tea bags)
$10.39 $12.99