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Maesil Plus Sliced Pickled Plums in Plum Red Pepper Paste is made with selected healthy plums grown in Maehwa Village located between Baekunsan Mountain and Seomjin Riverside in Gwangyang, Jeolla Province. It is an alkaline product with a clean taste and aroma.  The perfectly pickled plum slices are then mixed with Korean traditional red pepper paste for a kick! Sweet, sour, and spicy! No artificial sweeteners, no pigments, no preservatives, no fragrances. Enjoy it with a bowl of rice!

Ingredients: pickled plum slices, plum red pepper paste (plum, starch syrup, fermented soybean powder, red hot pepper powder, refined salt) 

Maesil Plus Sliced Pickled Plums in Plum Red Pepper Paste 450g
$23.98 $29.98