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Korea's current, hottest beauty line  - KAHI UV Aqua Balm helps moisturize and soothe skin all while providing UV ray protection. No stickiness and applies smoothly.


Fish Collagen - to nourish wrinkled area
Salmon PDRN* - to improve skin elasticity
Salmon Proteoglycan - to hydrate wrinkled area

*What is salmon PDRN? PDRN, a material extracted from salmon sperm, is effective for improving skin elasticity and fighting wrinkles by rejuvenating skin and inhabiting the elastase activity that causes loss of elasticity. Salmon DNA is more than a 95 percent match with human DNA so it causes almost no foreign body reaction. 

 How to:

Apply before and after makeup gently around the areas prone to  fine lines or wrinkles (eye area, cheeks, smile line around mouth, chin, & etc.)