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Enjoy the crispy, crunchy, flavor and nutrition-packed Korean Banana and Soybean Rice Snack with 3 bags included! (We believe you will need the extra bags!) 

Made by simmering soybean on baked rice to create sweet and crispy rice snacks great for kids! Pairs well with any drink, from coffee, milk, to even wine, beer, and other spirits! These deliciously addicting treats aren’t fried in oil but baked in a specialized oven to avoid greasiness and achieve a healthy, tasty crunch in every bite. Using 100% soybean powder, this banana-flavored snack is completely gluten-free. 

Soybeans are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that have numerous profound health benefits. Soybeans are surprisingly very high in protein and even boasts amino acids comparable to meat, making it the ideal protein source for plant-based diets. 


Ingredient List 

  • White rice 53% (domestic), palm oil (refined palm oil, palm olein oil / Malaysia), Injeolmi taste seasoning-SL (white sugar, fried soybean flour 5.95% (soybean / US, Made in China), Skim milk powder (milk / US), glucose, lactose (milk / US), fine powder (domestic), Corn oil (domestic), synthetic flavoring (mix nut flavor-S), calcium carbonate, Sucralose (artificial sweetener)], cornflour 13.6% (US, China). 


Korean Banana and Soybean Rice Snack 60g x 3 Bags Per Order
$6.39 $7.49