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$7.56 $8.55

Enjoy the savory, roasted flavor and satisfying chewiness of Korean Corn & Soybean Biscuits. A tasty, filling, and nutritious snack made from Korean wheat, roasted corn, and soybeans. Perfect for eating on the go! 


Ingredient List

  • Wheat flour (wheat: 100% domestic), sugar, palm oil 100%, Whey (milk), roasted corn powder (domestic), glucose, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, refined salt, fried soybean powder (domestic), sodium hydrogen carbonate, synthetic flavor (vanillin), enzymes
  • Contains wheat, milk, and soybeans
  • Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or moisture
  • After opening, enjoy as soon as possible
SKU: 100010143419
Korean Corn & Soybean Biscuit 200g (3 Bags per Box)
$7.56 $8.55

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