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Korean Traditional Sweet Rice Cookies (Yakgwa) by Ho Jeong Ga 1kg(About 28~30 Cookies)

Each order comes in a gift box of about 30 individually wrapped honey cookies. It's by weight so the count may vary.

Explore a taste of Korea by enjoying the traditional Korean traditional sweet rice honey cookies by Ho Jeong Ga! Made with natural ingredients, this richly textured Korean treat is dense with layered sweetness and delicious flavors that will leave you satisfied yet craving for more. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, starch syrup, glutinous rice, cooking oil (soybean), sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, salt

Contains wheat and soybeans.

Nutrition Facts (Serving Size: 35g / 1 pack): Calorie 140kcal / Sodium 30mg / Carbohydrate 25g / Sugar 8g / Fat 3.6g / Cholesterol 0mg / Protein 2g 

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, cool and ventilated away from moisture. 

    Korean Traditional Sweet Rice Cookies (Yakgwa) by HOJEONGGA 1kg (Gift Box)
    $20.99 $29.99