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The rare Golden Blossom Mushrooms only grow in high temperature and high humidity levels at 1000m above sea level.

Golden Blossom Mushrooms contain a high level of beta-glucan (helps strengthen immunity) compared to other types of mushrooms, making it a well sought-after mushroom.

The Fermented Golden Blossom Mushroom is now available in stick form for easy consumption. No additives.

Instructions: Take 1 stick a day - with or without water.

Ingredients: Rice Germ, cauliflower mushroom (whole) extract powder, cauliflower mushroom (fruiting body), extract, psyllium husk powder, lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium animalis spp lactis, streptococcus thermophiles), fructooligosaccharide, milk, ascorbic acid (vitamin c).

*Contains Milk.

Lee Yong Bok Fermented Golden Blossom Mushroom Stick (4g x 10 sticks x 3 boxes)
$37.20 $46.50