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$10.24 $12.80

No more smoke and fumes while cooking! 

This non-stick, ceramic parchment paper makes cooking more convenient without having your house filled with unwanted smoke. Simply place a pre-cut cooking paper on the frying pan before cooking. As an added bonus, you also won't have to worry about scrubbing your pans after cooking!

LOESS Eco-Parchment Ceramic Paper Tray can be used on frying pans, in the microwave, air fryer, oven, and steamer

  • ZERO bleach and environmentally friendly.
  • No heavy metal detected 
  • No Formaldehyde
  • Use of eco-friendly ocher paper coating
  • 0% Fluorine resin 
  • Heat resistance
  • Non-stick
  • Antibacterial & antifungal effect

** The shiny side should face down on the pan, and the dull side up**


- Regular: 24cm
- Large: 32cm

Please make sure paper is not directly touching fire. Recommended use for low to medium heat. 

LOESS Smokeless Pre-Cut Cooking Paper (30 Pieces)
$10.24 $12.80