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Enjoy Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee Mix instantly without the fuss and hassle of making coffee from scratch. Maxim coffee sticks are conveniently packaged so you can take them on the go, to work, even traveling or camping. Each coffee stick features the perfect ratio of blended freeze-dried coffee, rich creamer, and sugar. The creamer contains natural casein, the pure protein found in milk. The coffee beans are roasted, finely blended, and then instantly freeze-dried to preserve its natural flavor and aroma.  


  • Cut along the green dotted line to make coffee anywhere, anytime. 
  • Only requires hot/warm water.
  • Don’t like sugar? 
    • Simply pinch onto the lower bottom of the stick where the sugar portion is located. 
    • Pour remaining contents into cup before adding hot water.


Ingredient List 

  • Coffee Maxim Mocha Gold Mild (Peruic Acid, Comromic Acid) 13.3%, White sugar, corn syrup, vegetable hardened palm oil (from Indonesia, Philippines), palm oil, Natural casein (milk), potassium diphosphate, calcium triphosphate. 

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix 100 Sticks (Maximum order 2)