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Protect your feet with the Foot Care Pad from May Shop!  Being stuck in shoes and enduring the harsh pavement of the city can be rough on your heels and feet. This amazing foot care pad relieves, smoothes, and protects dry, rough, and cracked heels. Made from soft, non-toxic, and highly-elastic silicon developed for foot wellness and preventing cracked skin. It’s excellent cushioning absorbs and reduces the load on your feet. It also helps retain moisture and maximizing the exfoliating effects of applied moisturizers to your heel. Use inside or outdoors to protect your heels anytime, anywhere! 


  • Easily worn in socks with applied moisturizer. 

Caution Before Use

  • Do not use if feet are sweaty.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not use if you start exhibiting any allergic reactions. 


  • Free size that can be worn by all sizes. 

Great for: 

  • Those standing all day.
  • Dry, cracked heels. 
  • Those with foot pain during walking. 
  • Seniors with sensitive feet. 
  • Active sports activities such as running, climbing, golf, etc. 
May Shop Foot Care Pad (Heel Pad)
$10.53 $13.17

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