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Unlock the secrets to Korean style cooking and flavors with all-natural dried seaweed handpicked from the Eastern shores of the Korean peninsula. This native Korean seaweed features a nice, springy, chewy texture that is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin B6, iodine, magnesium, iron, protein, riboflavin, dietary fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and detoxifiers.  It’s so dense with nutrients and amazing flavors that when boiled it turns water into thick, rich, and umami-packed broth instantly. The broth is as rich as beef stock! 

Wild native Korean seaweed is handpicked fresh by specialized divers who are experts at navigating the local tides and rocky Eastern Korean shores for fresh and healthy seaweed plants. Divers time their expeditions with the seasons from the beginning of April to the middle of May when the seaweed naturally reaches peak flavor. The seaweed is collected from underwater stones using meticulous, non-invasive, eco-friendly and sustainable methods before being cleaned and trimmed for drying. The 100% natural seaweed is dried using traditional techniques with the sea breeze and modern hygienic facilities to intensify its flavor capacity and preserve its bountiful nutritional benefits without the use of preservatives or additives. Premium dried seaweed is the key behind many Korean soups and seafood dishes such as Korean seaweed soup (miyeok-guk) as a rich, flavorful broth/stock. The seaweed is so fresh that when rehydrated it expands to its original size! 


Haenyeo seaweed is all-natural thanks to their investment in meticulous cultivation and selection that marks their premium product above conventional seaweed. 

Conventional Seaweed

  • Incubate the seaweed spores and roll them up to grow them
  • Drying through an industrial dryer
  • Dehydration of the needle stem in boiling water
  • Salted and frozen storage
  • Green from colorants 
  • Low seaweed flavor
  • Compromised nutrients and minerals
  • Soft seaweed and no stem  
  • Low price due to mass production
  • VITAMIN A: 420mg
  • KA: 290 mg
  • MG: 616mg
  • MN: 0.6mg)

Haenyeo All-Natural Seaweed: 

  • Seaweed grows naturally attached to underwater stones
  • Collected and dried in the sea breeze
  • Not processed
  • Brown (natural)
  • Unique taste and aroma
  • No destruction of the nutrients  
  • Vitamins and minerals are fully preserved
  • Chewing taste unique to wakame
  • Small quantity and high-quality production
  • VITAMIN A: 1.800mg
  • KA: 960mg
  • MG: 1,172mg
  • MN: 0.8mg
Natural Dried Seaweed Picked by Haenyeo 30g
$8.79 $10.99