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The Natural Eco-Friendly Parchment Paper from CH Harmony is designed for kitchen and cooking essentials while helping the environment! This special foil is perfect for protecting against splattering oil, preventing food from sticking while cooking, baking and steaming, packaging food in the freezer, and so much more! You can even use it on cutting boards when cutting meat or board-staining kimchi. 

The eco-friendly paper foil features a biodegradable resin saw blade made from raw vegetable materials! It protects you from scratches caused by metal blades while reducing the environmental pollution. It’s safe from formaldehyde, fluorescent brighteners, and heavy metals. The paper foil even helps prevent water pollution by reducing the amount of cooking oil by preventing food from sticking. With a heat resistance of 200°C/392°F, the paper foil can be used safely in the microwave, frying pan, and oven for maximum use and efficiency! 


Great for...

  • A protective surface on cutting board against potential germs and prevents the discoloration of the cutting board from food such as kimchi/meat.
  • Cooking steamed rice cakes or dim sum.
  • Baking bread or sweets in the oven.
  • Cooking fish or meat in a frying pan. (However, cover or spread on a pan or pot to prevent direct contact with flame)
  • Refrigeration, freezing, thawing, or packaging food.


  • Biodegradable resin saw blade 
  • Made using the Elemental Chlorine Free (EFC) method which minimizes chlorine that can cause environmental hormones.

Natural Eco-Friendly Parchment Paper (25cm x 10m)
$3.10 $3.88