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Take your Korean recipes to the next level with the spicy and flavorful Red Pepper Tuna from Ottogi. 

Canned red pepper tuna is an easy way to add flavor to stir-fried dishes like kimchi fried rice. The red pepper tuna adds another layer of spicy flavor that makes kimchi fried rice even more satisfying and delicious! 

Simply add Ottogi Red Pepper Tuna to your recipes and enjoy! 


  • Be careful when opening, storing, and disposing of the can since the metal part of the can is sharp.
  • Please eat immediately after opening. Do not consume if there is damage to the opening or sealing of the product.


Yellowfin tuna 50.3% (Wonyangsan: Pacific), 16.3% pepper sauce [Sugar, red pepper powder 6.2%, Refined salt (domestic) garlic, tuna seasoned soy sauce, purified water, onion (domestic), potato, carrot, soybean oil, red pepper paste, Red pepper 1.1%, tomato paste, modified starch, pepper, paprika extract

*Contains soybean, wheat, tomato, beef. This product is manufactured in the same facility as chicken, shellfish (oyster, mussel), shrimp, and squid.

Ottogi Red Pepper Tuna 150g