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Worried about trying a new look with hair dye because of potential crumbling, thinning, or other types of hair damage? Fear no longer with Plan 36.5 Black Soybean Hair Dye. It actively protects the scalp and hair during dyeing while minimizing damage and irritation. Try all 4 shades from sleek jet black to warm amber-brown for a fresh, new unique look every time! Contains black soybean extract which stimulates healthy blood circulation in your hair. It also features natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed keratin, a protein that goes deep into the hair shaft to replace missing keratin which moisturizes your hair naturally making it silky smooth and bright! 

How to Use:

1. Take 50 g of both agents and mix well before applying evenly to hair. 

2. After 5 to 20 minutes, rinse excess with lukewarm water, wash thoroughly with shampoo, then rinse again with warm water.

Plan 36.5 Black Soybean Hair Dye (4 Colors)