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$29.89 $33.22

Milled Date: 05/21/2021

Premium Chuchung White Rice is packed with flavor for a sticky, fluffy bite with every batch! Chuchung rice is milled at low temperatures to yield high-grade, well-textured, and delicious rice. Sourced from the clear upstream area and bright sunshine of the Korean Namhan River. Its optimum climate conditions yield amazing, high-quality natural rice grains that last all year round. Simply keep in cold storage to taste fresh new sticky rice every time! 


  • After opening, it is recommended that you keep it sealed in an airtight container and refrigerated to keep fresh. 
  • Recommended removing from the package as rice is sensitive to temperature changes. 
  • Please enjoy it as soon as possible.
Premium Chuchung White Rice 5kg (Milled Date: 05/21/2021)
$29.89 $33.22