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This item is shipped separately from other regular Seoul Mills items by FREE two-day delivery service.  This specific item requires cold storage to stay fresh and safe to eat. 

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Premium Lotus Leaf Rice (8 Servings)

Enjoy the rich nutrition of traditional Lotus Leaf Rice made with natural, healthy ingredients. 

Traditional Korean lotus leaf rice starts with high-quality Korean rice cultivated using eco-friendly methods completely free from any preservatives. The rice is then soaked for 12 hours, resulting in a delicious and extremely nutritious Korean treat! This traditional Korean specialty is enjoyed for its rich nutrition and medicinal properties.

Lotus leaves are an excellent source of antioxidants that help energize the body. Paired with a blend of healthy and nutritious ingredients including ginkgo, red bean, kidney beans, and jujube. 

Taste the clean, natural flavor of authentic Korean Lotus Leaf Rice! Perfect for traveling, fishing, camping, and much more! 

Cooking Directions:

Microwave oven:

1. Cut the frozen lotus leaf rice by the edge of the film (about 5cm) with scissors. 

2. Heat it for 3 minutes (per piece) before serving.

Electric rice cooker:

1. Place lotus leaf rice in the rice bowl with a little water before cooking. 


1. Place the frozen lotus leaf rice into steamer and heat for 15-20 minutes. 


  • Produced through strict ingredient management in HACCP-certified facilities. 
  • Great for growing children or as a meal substitute for busy workers! 


Original rice with lotus leaf:  glutinous rice (87%), rice (3%), red bean (3%), kidney beans (3%), chestnuts (1.11%), ginkgo (1%), jujube (1%), black rice (0.7%), salt (0.19%)

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[SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] Premium Lotus Leaf Rice (8 Servings)

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