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Featuring 100% natural Korean green onion from a local, eco-friendly Korean farm in South Gyeongsang province. Sanmaeul utilizes an advanced freeze-drying process at extremely low temperatures (-35°C/-31°F) to preserve the rich nutrition, flavor, and aroma of fresh Korean ingredients. Easily restores back to its original state when water is poured over. A must-have for camping, BBQ, and for fixing a quick meal!


  • All Natural 100% Freeze-Dried Sliced Green Onion
  • Pesticide-Free, No Additives
  • Freeze-dried at -35°C by rapid freeze method to preserve the nutritional/taste/color/scent of the raw material as much as possible.

Ingredients: 100% green onion

Sanmaeul Freeze-Dried Sliced Green Onion 10g
$3.19 $3.99