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Enjoy delicious, perfectly fluffy rice with Mini IH Pressure Rice Cooker Optimized for Multigrain Rice for 1-2 Persons CRT-PQWK0340WUS (3Cup). Featuring a Cast Iron (Gamasot) Inner Cooking Pot with Heat/Steam Resistant Dyking Coating and preset modes that can adapt to multiple types of rice with specialized timing and temperature adjustments for the perfect batch of rice.  Choose between sticky, medium, and regular rice! The preset modes include sticky, medium, regular, mixed, brown, gama, barley, and even the Korean favorite, nurungji, or crunchy rice. The Cuchen’s durability allows it to make this tasty Korean treat effortlessly. Expect the perfect rice for any dish with Cuchen. 

The innovative Color FND Touch Display features a voice navigation system in English, Korean, and Chinese as well as a smart JOG dial for quick menu selections. These selections include preset modes for different types of rice to accommodate specific cooking times and temperatures. The cooking and keep-warm temperatures are monitored by an auto-temperature sensor. The auto-pressure regulator acts a steam vent and releases pressure from the inside while the safety sensor monitors the internal temperature of the Cuchen rice cooker. Also features steam/slow cooking modes, power-saving mode for keep-warm/reheat modes, and status alarm. All that and it can cook mixed rice in 29 minutes! Also comes with the convenience noise-free steam vent. 

The “Smart” Keep-Warm system keeps the temperature regularity by detecting the outside and inside temperatures of the cooking pot. The “Reserve” Keep-Warm system minimizes loss of moisture to evaporation to prevent drying and discoloration of rice. The one-touch auto cleaning makes cleaning an absolute breeze! Simply add a little water into the pot and select “auto-cleaning.” High-pressure steam cleans every spot and prevents clogging in the nozzles. The stainless steel cover is also detachable for hand washing.


  • 3 Cup (0.54 L)
  • Luxury Minimalistic Design in White
  • Cast Iron (Gamasot) Inner Cooking Pot with Heat/Steam Resistant Dyking Coating - Durable, Heat and Steam Resistant
  • Cost-Effective Cooking Preset for Rice to Keep in the Freezer - This preset only uses minimum heating power to save energy costs.
  • Cooking Preset Optimized for Multigrain/Mixed Rice for 1-2 persons
  • Cooking Preset Optimized for Various Steamed Dishes (Jjim) - The rice cooker can heat food softer and more moistened than a microwave. Simply cook frozen food with even heating. 
  • Thermo Guard Technology Enhanced insulation, prevents water/dust penetration into the inside, power saving, retains inner heat while blocking the outer cold, BPA-FREE Silicone guard ring, solid 3-tier airtight structure prevents hazardous malfunction.
  • Silent Steam Vent Cap - We have upgraded the steam cap design to minimize the noise when steam is emitted. New steam cap noise is reduced by 5dB (conventional: 64dB | new: 59dB). With a structure for safety, the new steam cap prevents burns or safety accidents.
  • Clean Guard - Minimal structure without unnecessary contours or edges that allows you to clean the inner surface and emit rice water easily.
  • Cooks 4 types of rice - White rice, Brown rice, Multigrain rice, and rice to keep in the freezer.
  • 8 Rice Cooking Presets - Sticky white rice, regular white rice, speedy cook rice, multigrain rice, brown rice, healthy rice with beans, various steam dishes (jjim), and rice to keep in the freezer.
  • One-Touch Auto Cleaning cleanses the nozzle by distributing high-pressure steam through the nozzle
  • Notification of When to Initiate Auto-Cleaning
  • Notification of When to Replace Rubber Packing
  • Large-Capacity Dew Dish
  • 3-Layer Power Rubber Packing retains pressure and heat to keep the fresh taste of rice
  • 20 Safety devices
  • Made in Korea


If you are not satisfied with your Cuchen purchase or it is defective, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 14 days of purchase. Items must be in their original condition and boxes with all accessories. Return authorization will be denied if the item is damaged, or missing accessories such as manual, cup, scoop, steam cover, or dew dish. Item must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging. Applicable shipping charges will be deducted from your refund unless the return is a result of manufacturer's defect. Handling fee of 20% will be charged for non-defective or non-damaged items.  Seoul Mills will connect you to Cuchen service center so you can receive RMA confirmation number. All returns must be authorized by Cuchen service center, with a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) confirmation. All returns without RMA confirmation will be denied. 

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers
WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and arsenic which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
[SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] Mini IH Pressure Rice Cooker Optimized for Multigrain Rice for 1-2 Persons CRT-PQWK0340WUS (3Cup)