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Dive into Korean seafood cuisine with fresh steamed abalone caught off the Cheongsan sea! Experience the delicious light taste and chewy texture of Korean abalone instantly without having to brush, clean, and trim each individual abalone.  No hassle, no fuss, no mess! Steamed abalone can reduce up to 50-60% in size compared to its raw form due to reduced moisture and removal of the shell. Each fresh live abalone is washed, deshelled, steamed, and vacuumed packed with two each! Completely clean and hygienic so you can enjoy right away after defrosting! 

Each cleaned, trimmed, and processed abalone is about 35g in weight (7 cm in size). 


  • Microwave cooking (about a minute)
  • Grill with butter, or make an abalone porridge.
  • The abalone guts are preserved and can be used for cooking.
  • Storage: Frozen storage below 18°C/64.4°F

Abalone Recipes

  • Abalone Sook-Hwei
    • Thaw before cutting into small, bite-sized pieces. 
    • Dip in the salt and sesame oil sauce (Jang). 
  • Abalone Salad
    • Add sliced abalone to various salad vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, and sprout. 
    • Top with mayonnaise or balsamic sauce.
  • Abalone Steak
    • Grill the abalone lightly in butter and enjoy! 
    • Pair with steak or savory sauce! 


Ingredient List 

  • Round Abalone 100% Korean
  • Processed in clean, HACCP certified facilities. 
  • Only fresh abalones from Wan-do are selected.
  • The overly-fishy taste is removed through a specialized method, without compromising the full flavor and chewy texture of abalone. 

SKU: 100010141499
Steamed Korean Abalone 70g x 6packs (12 Total Abalones)

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