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Enhance your meals with the delicious Pickled Alpine Leaves from Ulleungdo Mountain. This amazing native Korean ingredient is found deep in the wilds of the Ullengdo mountains in Korea. Licensed experts collect the wild garlic in early spring in limited periods due to the scarcity of this fresh ingredient. Known as “myung” in Korean, this mountain Alpine is rich in minerals and vitamins. The fresh crispy and chewy Alpine leaves are marinated in soy sauce to achieve its iconic, savory, garlic-pickled flavor. Compliments meat, sashimi, cooked fish, rice, and much more perfectly, just like kimchi.  

It is said that people who migrated to the island in the Joseon Dynasty relied on the mountain Alpine when they were stricken with hunger from travel and scarcity of food. The Ulleungdo mountain is characterized by its high altitude (700m above sea level), clean air, and rich soils. 


  • Refrigerate and eat after opening as soon as possible.

Soy Sauce Pickled Alpine Leek Leaves (Myung-yi Namul) 400g
$17.97 $29.95