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Yanggaeng is a delicious, sweet, and smooth blended dessert jelly made from Asian red beans. It’s silky consistency and subtle sweetness has solidified its place as a traditional Korean classic. The distinctive sweetness and light earthiness of natural red beans are beautifully captured in the sweet, slightly chewy Korean-style jelly. The candied chestnuts add a subtle sweetness and crunchy nuttiness that make this treat even more irresistible without becoming overly sweet. The natural flavor of each ingredient is highlighted in this fragrant, succulent jelly.

In order to deliver the best taste to customers, Yangyang uses only naturally sweet, high-quality raw materials (raw sugar, natural disaccharides, palatinose, real hancheon, etc.)  so you can taste the aromatic sweetness without the sugar crash later! Many Koreans prefer the natural taste of sweet jellies over processed sweets and chocolates. Give it a try but be warned, chocolate may never taste the same! 


Ingredient List 

  • Red bean sediment (red bean-made in China), sugar, oligosaccharide, trehalose, starch syrup, sugar balm [54% of chestnut dice (made in China), sugar] 3%, Palatine Sugar (domestic), walnut pollen, synthetic flavor (bamboo flavor) with 3% Chestnut (1.62% Night chestnut). 

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Yanggeang Sweet Red Bean and Chestnut Jelly 40g (6 Pieces per Box at 1 Box) :
$4.79 $5.99

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