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Yudong Canned Bai Top Shell (Whelk) Seasoned with Soy Sauce 400g

Golbaengi (골뱅이) in Korean

Brand: Yudong

Ingredients: Bai Top Shell (Whelk) meat, Soy Sauce, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Citric Acid
Nutrition Facts (Serving Size: 3oz (85g)): Calories 60 / Total Fat 0g / Cholesterol 55mg / Sodium 480mg / Total Carbohydrate 5g / Dietary Fiber 0g / Total Sugars 4g / Protein 10g / Calcium 20mg / Potas. 90mg 

Contains Bai Top Shell (Whelk), Soybeans, Wheat.

Product of Korea