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“KBBQ, the most powerful incentive to try new food of all time"


What’s with the Kraze for KBBQ?

Korean BBQ has become synonymous with a great night out of eating with friends and family. And can anyone argue its appeal? It’s grilled meat at its finest. From mouth-watering brisket to the deliciously charred pork belly, KBBQ has won over the hearts and stomachs of everyone around the world! Here are some classic KBBQ dishes that we absolutely love to share with you (unless we’re hungry)

Beef Brisket in its infancy


The Meats

Pork and Beef, a match made in heaven.

Grilled marinated meat is a true hallmark of the Korean BBQ experience. From the sweet and savory to hot and spicy, Koreans have perfected the art of capturing new flavors and harmonizing them with grilled meat and seafood.

Bulgogi is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable plates you can find at your local Korean BBQ spot. This sweet, savory, and delicious BBQ dish been around in Korea for thousands of years and has evolved into the bulgogi we know today. Its literal translation is “fire meat” and how perfectly named it was! Bulgogi perfectly captures the smoky essence of the charcoal fire that compliments its sweet and salty marinade.

You also can’t have the KBBQ experience without trying Korean short ribs or “Kalbi” that’s been marinated with a secret sauce usually containing soy sauce, sugar or honey, garlic, and ginger amongst other ingredients depending on the restaurant.

As for the pork, you need not go further than classic pork belly. Our favorite is Jeju black belly pig, originating from the famous Korean island Jeju. All you need is the grill and the meat! Pair with some banchan and you are set for the rest of the night.

Whatcha Banchan?

Banchan for days.

Banchan are essentially Korean side dishes typically served at the beginning of the meal or KBBQ. These little dishes come in literally countless delicious flavors, spices, and sauces that help elevate any KBBQ experience. Each restaurant specializes in their own unique banchan that can change depending on the day of the week. They can be a tasty appetizer, sauce, condiments, and complementary side dish all at once! Some of our favorites we offer here, including pickled Korean squid, cod roe, sesame leaf, and sweet garlic fried anchovies! Even Korean gim, laver or seaweed, come in over ten different types of banchan! They can be fried chips, dried flakes for condiments, raw for wraps, or pickled. The versatility of Korean ingredients, seasonings, and pickling techniques result in over a million types of banchan!


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