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"Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise everyone would do it”

Kim Harrison

Struggles of Adulting…

If you’re a recent college grad, leaving college can be a bittersweet experience. While on the one hand you are finally free from stressful exams, final projects, and maintaining a post-worthy social life, the world of being an adult can be a daunting endeavor. All of a sudden, the warm bubble of college can seem like a lifetime ago. Have no fear! Everyone has to become an adult and it can still be fun! Here are some tips on how to develop your habits and home so you can be a successful adult! (Or at least look like one).



Learning how to budget properly to manage your money is one of the hardest things to master as an adult. What’s the use of money if you can’t spend it right? Well, you need money for rent, food, energy, health, and emergencies. While you probably are aware of your expenses, remembering to plan and carefully budget requires some adult habits. One easy habit is to limit your nights out!


While this seems like a no-brainer, even going out to grab dinner is costly when living on your own. Restaurants often have a 50% mark-up or more for meals you can easily prepare at home! Plan for your meals throughout the week so you can enjoy the occasional night out without stressing about your bank account. Learning how to cook can be a truly enjoyable and creative experience! You will begin to learn your unique tastes and preferences while perfecting an adult life skill. If you love and miss home-cooked Korean food, then the first thing you need is a rice cooker. Rice is the cornerstone to any Korean meal and it’s important to have a rice cooker that will last. (And one that’s easy to clean).  Even expensive and time-intensive Korean dishes like Samgyetang can be made within minutes at a fraction of the price!



Few things are sadder than when you invite friends and family over to your new, adult space and it still looks like a college dorm room. One habit you’re going to have to instill in order to have friends is basic house cleaning. While cleaning can be boring and mundane, it’s absolutely necessary to maintain health, happiness, and just common decency!

Keeping your home clean isn’t just for the benefit of potential guests, but for you too! Studies show a wealth of positive benefits from simply cleaning, organizing, and maintaining a clean living space. Being a young adult often means having to power through things for the very first time. That first major job, relationships, commitments, and much more can be overwhelming and feel overpowering. Just taking a step back to clean and organize your living space can help clear your headspace and give you back a sense of control. Getting a few simple essential cleaning tools for your place doesn’t cost much to get the job done.

Bottom line to adulting

At the end of the day, these habits are just a few little tips that ultimately sum up to one thing: being an adult means being realistic. Realistic about your money. Realistic about your time. And most importantly, realistic about yourself. Constantly denying responsibility or procrastinating on learning and practicing life skills won’t do you any favors moving forward. Being an adult means that sometimes you have to do things that aren’t always fun or impactful, but things that must be done nonetheless. Things like properly managing your money, keeping your home clean, and assuming responsibility even when it’s not necessary your fault are all habits that will help you become a successful adult. Don’t worry, it’s not hard and many have managed to do it so far.  Just stay honest with yourself and the things you need to work on! You can do it! Fighting!


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